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Artist information

Artist,docent of FINE ARTS,

AIESM manager in Russia, Art-director of Fine Arts Gallery

From Russia, date of birth 1/04/1960

Valentina Dusavitskaya Gallery



1979 -1984 Kharkov Art and Industry University, diploma


Secretary of a symposiums Sculpture Symposiums Autumn. Inspiration. Penza, art-director of Museum of International Sculpture Symposiums Autumn. Inspiration. Penza Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, docent


2006 Second Prize of  the 4 th International Sculpture festival, “Forma Viva 2006”, Makole, Slovenia


Jury of International Sculpture Symposium in Julienne, France


1994 Germany, Berlin, sculpture and painting symposium
1997 Ukraine, Kharkov, 2 International Bronze Miniature Symposium
2005  Vietnam, Chau Doc, International Sculpture Symposium “An Giang Impressions 2005”
2006  Switzerland, Davos, 2 International Sculpture Symposium
2006  Czech Republic,  Sedliste,  2 International Sculpture symposium
2006  Slovenia, Makole, 4 International Sculpture Festival “Forma Viva 2006”, Second Prize
2007  Do Son, Vietnam, 1 International sculpture symposium "Do Son-Sea's Emotion 2007"
2007 International Sculpture Symposium “Bronze Melodies 2007”, Penza, Russia
2007 Morges, Switzerland, 8 International Sculpture Symposium
2007 Julienne, France, 6 International Sculpture Symposium
2007 Davos, Switzerland, 3 International Sculpture Symposium
2008 Amneville-les-Thermes, France, 2 International Sculpture Symposium
2008 Hong Kong I International Tai Shui Way Sculpture Symposium
2008 Port D’Envaux, France, International Art Residence
2008 Penza, Russia, I International Sculpture Symposium, organiser
2008 Antalya, Turkey, 2 International Sculpture Symposium
2009 Yeongwol, Korea, International Contemporary Poem & Sculpture Festival
2009 Port D’Envaux, France, International Art Residence
2009 Penza, Russia, II International Sculpture Symposium, organiser
2010 Egypt, Sharm Al Sheikh, International Sculpture Symposium
2010 Penza, Russia, III International Sculpture Symposium and ART-OBJECTS SYMPOSIUM, organizer
2010 Sweida, Syria, III International Sculpture Symposium
2010 La Tour du Pin, France, ROND d’ART du MONDE
2010 Mersin, Turkey, the 8th International Sculpture Symposium
2011 Aswan, Egypt, the 16 International Sculpture Symposium


2009 Kobe Universiy, Japan
2009 Tokyo Nihon University, Japan

Public Collections

Sculpture parks and ways: Makole, Slovenia, Sedliste, Czech Republic; Davos , Switzerland; Chau Doc, Vietnam; Do Son, Vietnam; Port D’Envaux,Les Lapidiales, France; Tan Shui Way park, Hong Kong; Akdeniz University campus park, Turkey; Yeongvol, Korea, International Museum of Contemporary Art; Penza, Russia, Sculpture park Legend; Sweida city, Syria, La Tour du Pin, France, city centre



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