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Artist information

Born 1970 in Krakow Poland.Has graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw /Poland. In continuation she studied at the Universidad Autonoma in Barcelona in the Department of Philosophy of Art. She has experience as a professional sculptor and an academic tutor All through the span of the last years she continued unfolding and developing her creativity through sculpture, installation and drawing presenting her work in numerous exhibitions around the world including her solo exhibitions in Nowa Gallery in Poznan, Figuring reality, in Agora Gallery in New York, <lnstalacious 2003> in Huesca, Spain and at various Symposia, among them being International Sculture Symposia in France, Gothic Line Project in Italy, Monumental Sculpture Symposia in China and Turkey. Her Works are in the permanent exhibit of several sculpture parks and collections in Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and China. Her relentless artistic exploration has earned her several mentions and awards, among them an honourable mention in the 2002 at International Biennale of sculpture in Poznan in Poland, Honorable mention at the national sculpture competition of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, the award of the Biennale of the contemporary figuration and realism in Spain and the first prize La SculturaGiovane. Italy in 2004. The artist explores the interaction between notions, ideas, materials and forms that mark our cultures and disciplines. Her fascination finds reflection in the spontaneous creation, free from schema and conventions and characterized by her continuous disposition to experimentation with ideas as well as with materials.

Dominica Griesgraber Gallery



2005 - PhD candidate, Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts of Krakow. Poland. 2005 - Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetics and Theory of Contemporary Art. 1997 - MFA. Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland.

Solo Exhibitions

2005 Echoes of thoughts, Memory of forms. Galeria DAP, Warsaw, Poland.
2005 Focal distance, Sculpture reality. Democratic festival, Dikili, Turkey.
2005 Interdependencia. Insituto Piramide, Huesca, Spain.
2001 Sculpture. Nowa Gallery. Poznan. Poland.
2007 Figuring Reality. Agora Gallery, New York, USA.

Selected Groups Exhibitions

2005 Warsaw's Festival of Art. Association of creative art studios - Lubelska, Warsaw, Poland.
2006 Renaissance & Raising. I International Sculpture exhibition, Zhengzhou, China.
2006 Small monuments. Work in Stone. MK21 Galerie, Hamburg, Germany.
2005 International Sculpture Symposium. Bahrain National Museum. Manama,Bahrain.
2005 An ode to peace. Art Junction Gallery. New Delhi, India.
2005 Small Monuments. Work in Stone. Gallery Donkersvoort, Beek & Donk,Netherlands.
2005 Open Studio. Global Arts Village, New Delhi, India.
2005 Cerveira International Biennial of Art, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.
2005 Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China.
2005 Small Monuments. Work in Stone. Gallery Exelmans, Neeroeteren, Belgium.
2005 Warsaw's Festival of Art. DAP Gallery, Warsaw. Poland.
2005 Maps of thoughts. Lufcik Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
2005 Polish contemporary medalists. Medialia Gallery, New York, USA.
2005 40 years of the Art Medal Museum. Art Medal Museum, Wroclaw. Poland.
2004 Warsaw in Kiev, Kiev in Warsaw. Central House of Artist, Kiev, Ukraine.
2004 FIDEM. 29th Congresso Mundial de Medalhistica, Seixal, Portugal.
2004 Warsaw in Vilnius, Vilnius in Warsaw. Galeria Kaire-Desine, Vilnius,Lithuania.
2004 Sculpture per un museo a Montefiore. Palazzo comunale, Montefiore, Italy.
2004 XIV International Sculpture Biennale. Galeria Zamek, Poznan, Poland.
2004 Sculpture. Galerie Blaues Haus, Lenzke, Germany.
2004 Sculpture. Chateau de Bressuire, Bressuire, France.
2004 III Bienal de Realismo y Figuracion Contemporanea. Galeria Clave. Murcia.Spain.
2004 Scultura. Fundacion Alcalde de Zolio, Villa de Rota, Spain.
2003 Incontro con la Scultura. Corrasori e AgoraCinque, Modena, Italy.
2002 Egeria. BWA Gallery. Ostrow Wlkp, Poland.
2002 VI Automn exhibition BWA gallery, Ostr. Sw, Poland.
2002 XIII International Biennale of Sculpture. Arsenal Gallery, Pozrnan, Poland.
2000 Tolosy sztuki. Media-Art. The Palace of Culture, Warsaw, Poland.
2000 The Supermarket of Art. DAP Gallery. Warsaw.
2000 Sculpture as a personal object. Lufcik Gallery, Warsaw.
1999 The Annual Exposition of Polish Fine Arts.BWA Gallery. Ostr.Sw. Poland.
1999 The place on earth. TPAA. Warsaw. Poland.
1998 The Days of Polish and German Culture and Art. Zarnkowa Gallery, Reszel,Poland.
1998 Paper and Textile in Art practice, Ruzomberok, Slovakia.
1998 My Earth. TPAA Gallery. Warsaw, Poland.
1997 The effect of consumerism on Fine Art practice, London, UK.

Related Expirience

2005 - Associated. PhD research. Tutoring. Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Poland.
2005- Conducted art workshops. Global Arts Village. New Delhi, India.
1996-99 Teaching assistant. Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland.
1999 - Co-organizing exhibitions promoting young artists. Association of Polish Artists, Poland.
1997 Collective commission. Monumental bronze tablets for the University of Warsaw, Poland.

Sculpture Symposia and Conference

2007 III International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Dubai (The Arab Emirates),Invitatiion.
2007 III International Stone Sculpture Symposium Velodran, Isola, Slovenia.Invitation.
2006 VII International Obernkirchen Sculptor Symposium, Obernkirchen,Germany.
2006 Sirnposio Internazionale La Scultura glovane. Museo dl Sculture all'aperto,Montefiore, Italy.
2006 XI International Symposium of Sculpture. Centra di Arte, Caldas da Rainha,Portugal.
2006 IX International Sculpture Symposium. Borkel en Shaft(The Netherlands),Invitation.
2006 I International Sculpture Symposium. Hacettepe Universitesi, AnkaraGolbasi, Turkey.
2006 Hoi An Variation. I International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Hoi An,Vietnam.
2005 Stone in the Galilee. XV International Sculpture Symposium. Maalot. Israel.
2005 II International Sculpture Symposium. National Museum, Manama. Bahrain.
2005 V Sculpture International Symposium. Gheorghe Iliescu-Calinesti, Pitesti,Romania.
2005 International sculpture symposium. Festival of Arts. University of Wales, Carlson, UK.
2005 XV International sculpture symposium Kemijarvi. Lapland, Finland.
2005 I International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Ataturk Universitesi,Erzurun. Turkey.
2005 40 years of the Art Medal Museum. Art Medal Museum, Wroclaw.Poland.
2004 II. International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Hacettepe University,Ankara. Turkey.
2004 IX. Lentzker Bildhauersyrnposiurn. Metamorphosen , Lentzke,Germany.
2004 VIII. Simposio di scultura. Legno e sensacioni, Ossana, Italy.
2004 II. Festival La Gare. Monumental Sand Sculpture, Luxemburg.
2004 IV. International Sculpture Symposium, Bressuire, France.
2004 VII. Holzbildauersymposium. Sattendorf. Austria.
2004 VIII. International Sculpture Symposium. Brienz. Switzerland.
2003 VIII. International Sculpture Symposium, Fanano, Italy.
2003 International Sculpture Symposium, Montbrison, France.
2003 International Sculpture Symposium. Morge. Switzerland. 2000 China International Festival of Sculpture. Hui An. China. 1999 III International Sculpture Symposium, Changchun, China. 1993 Paper and textile in Art practice, Ruzomberok, Slovakia.
1998 Art workshop Berlin-Warsaw. Center of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko,Poland.
1997 The effect of consumerism on Fine Art practice. Wimbledon College of Art, London, UK.

Honors and Awards, Grants, Residencies

2007 Art Residency Grant. Fundacion Valparaiso. Almeria. Spain.
2006 Second prize. Stone in the Galilee. International Sculpture Symposium.Maalot, Israel.
2005 Art Grant of the Ministry of Culture and Art. Poland.
2005 Site Specific Sculpture Fellowship. Art Residency Global Arts Village, DelhiIndia.
2004 Selected. V Concorso Internazionale di scultura. "La Giovane Scultura"
Progretto - Museo di sculture all'aperto, Montefiore, Italy.
2004 Purchase Award. Ill Bienal de Realismo y Figuration Contemporanea,Murcia, Spain.
2004 Honorable mention. National competition in sculpture. Center of polish Sculpture, Oronsko.
2003 Instalaciones 2003. Residency. Institute Piramide, Huesca. Spain.
2005 Competition award. Educarte 2003. Instituto Piramide. Huesca. Spain. 2002 Honorable mention. XIII International Biennale of Sculpture. Arsenal, Poznan. Poland.
2002 The Monument to Mankind. Sculpture project. The Hurnanitad Organization. Selected to represent Poland, USA.

Works in Collections and Parks

Nowa Gallery, Poznan, Poland. Art Medal Museum, Wroclaw, Poland. Centra di Arte. Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. Ankara. Golbasi Municipality. Turkey.
Hoi An Municipality, Vietnam.
National Museum, Manama, Bahrain.
Municipality of Maalot, Israel.
Collection of International Beiging Biennale, China.
Global Arts Village, New Delhi, India.
Collection of outdoor installations. Instituto Piratnide, Huesca, Spain.
Galena Clave, Murcia, Spain.
Museo. Fundacion Alcalde de Zolio. Villa de Rota, Spain.
The Gothic Line. Project. Scaffaiolo Lake, Fanano, Italy.
Museo di sculture all'aperto, Montefiore. Italy.
Sculpture collection, Kemijaivi, Finland.
Municipality collection. Caerleon, Wales, UK.
Sculpture collection. Foire Economique, Montbrison. France.
Sculpture Collection, Bressuire. France.
Sculpture collection. Municipality of St. Blasien, Germany.
Sculpture collection, Brienz, Switzerland.
Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey.
Ataturk Universitesi. Erzururm. Turkev.
Municipality collecion, Pitesti. Romania.
Sculpture collection, Hui An, China.
Sculpture Park, Changhum, China.
Private cornrnissions and collections in Poland and abroad.


Professional Affiliations

ZPAP - Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Poland. ISC - International Sculpture Center, Hamilton, USA.
SNAP - French Union of Sculptors and Plastic Artists, Paris, France. IAA - UNESCO International Association of Art.

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