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Miguel Angel Gualtieri is an Argentinian sculptor, graduated from the National Schools of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano (1984-87), Prilidiano Pueyrredón (1988-1990) and Ernesto de la Cárcova (1991-94), Buenos Aires. He lived and worked in Argentina as an independent sculptor and restorer until 2000. Since then he began an itinerant life with periods of stay in England, Mexico and Germany, and participation in international sculpture events in China, Italy and Chile, a trajectory which has introduced an international dimension to his expression. His work is, above all, strongly rooted in Latin America, with particular reference to the Andean cultures. He studies the expression of past and present cultures of the region, he decodes his philosophy and use of the forms, and constructs with them something new that is relevant to the time and circumstances we live in. A recurrent theme in his work is the relationship of man with his environment, which he sees sometimes as a harmonic one, sometimes as a deffensive one, and often as an aggresive one. A skilled worker, he uses any material he has at hand, from granite to iron, from wood to bones, and from clay to leather, respecting the particular language of each of those elements.

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